Cat Lover Called to Help Stray Kitten That is 'Hard to Handle'

Cat Lover Called to Help Stray Kitten That is 'Hard to Handle'

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Four years ago in mid-December, I saw a friend pleading on Facebook for someone to help him at a local McDonald's. There were little kittens living in freezing temperatures and being hit by cars in the parking lot. I couldn't not help. I dragged my then boyfriend out of the house and immediately drove to the restaurant.

We got there and realized there were countless cats living under the dumpsters and shed. Having lured out what kittens we could find after an hour or so, my friend took them home saying he would look for homes for them. The next day, I received a call that he could not handle one of the kittens and if I could, I should come get him, or he was going to the shelter.

When I arrived, I found the kitten at the top of a tapestry on his wall, hissing at everything that passed. I calmly plucked him down, cuddling him up, we got in the car, and instantly he calmed down. He stank of death. He couldn't breathe out of his nose and his eyes were crusted shut.

When we got home, I plopped him in a shallow tub of warm water with me and cleaned him off. He calmed down and started to warm up to us. After the bath, we curled up and napped. I already had one cat but was quickly becoming attached.

A vet visit confirmed worms, fleas, and an aggressive upper respiratory infection we had caught just in time. They suspected he had been using the other deceased animals under the shed as warmth. My heart broke. After two days with him, I couldn't give him up. I begged my landlord to allow a deposit for another animal, and later that day, he was introduced to his sister.


Kira hasn't left my side since! He loves to cuddle and give headbutts. My little Mama's boy! The only good thing I've ever gotten from a fast food joint!

Story submitted by Angelle Martin from Rochester, New York.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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