Couple Takes 16-Hour Road Trip to Rescue Blind Kitten

Couple Takes 16-Hour Road Trip to Rescue Blind Kitten

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It was a slow day at my office, and I was checking my Facebook. On my feed, there popped up a kitten's cry for help! She was blind and in need of a home. I instantly fell in love and emailed the shelter, saying I would take her! I forgot one thing... to ask my wife.

That was a fun phone call. She said, "Look we have five cats already, this would be too much." The wind was ripped from my sails! I said "okay" in as guilt trippy a voice as I could. I emailed them back, apologizing that I couldn't take her, that my wife was right. Six cats was a wee bit much. Well, my wife went to work that night and cracked...

She emailed the shelter and said, "My husband's crazy, but I'm even more crazy, we will take her!" Now for the fun part, the kitten was eight hours away! So we jumped in our truck the next Monday, drove straight down, and then turned around and drove straight back. Sixteen hours, one day... for a cat. Our sixth cat.

At first, we were really protective of her, trying to limit her travel around the house and interactions with the other cats. Well, she had other plans. Fast forward to now, she climbs the stairs, the cat house, our Christmas tree, and everything else, as if she can "see." She is the boss of all the other cats in the house; she's like a super ninja! The other cats don't even see her coming! Their only escape is to jump up on our furniture.


She loves to share food, and by that, I mean I have to share all my food with her. It's not even an option at this point anymore. She still yells at the air vents when the heat or A/C kicks on, and once in awhile makes us feel bad for moving a chair by running into it, but we love her unconditionally. We also let our friends name her; they picked "Helen." Yes, we have a sense of humor.

Story submitted by Peter Donato from Allentown, Pennsylvania.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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