Family Adopts Foster Dog with Cancer

Family Adopts Foster Dog with Cancer

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In January 2022, Mid-Atlantic GSP Rescue contacted me to ask if I could foster a GSP-mix from a local animal shelter.

As a long-time volunteer, I agreed to help and brought the confused pooch home to meet the rest of my dog family. Surprising everyone in the household, the black and white hound and GSP mix quickly demonstrated his vocal cords... over and over and over.

I had noticed he had a few large masses on his body, one on his chest and the other on his elbow. The rescue group generously agreed to pay for surgery and a biopsy; alas, the elbow mass was a soft-tissue sarcoma. So, Oreo is a keeper... a very loud but sweet and handsome addition to our family.


Next steps: looking at options, especially at targeted (or electro-) chemotherapy, which is localized to the elbow area and requires only two infusions. Regardless, Oreo is home now. We love the big, noisy, adorable boy.

Story submitted by Karen Pratzner-McDuffie from Manassas, Virginia.

This story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!

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