Zaphod's Story

Zaphod's Story

My daughter, Lisa, recently rescued an 11 year old, 3 legged kitty with a cleft palate. Lisa already has 2 other cats that she rescued.

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Zaphod was found in December 2013 with his back left tibia bone broken and sticking through his skin. X-rays revealed he was shot and the bullets were still in his leg, leading to infection.

The doctors estimated he had been living in that condition for about two weeks, based on how far the infection had spread. The leg was amputated in January 2014 to prevent it from spreading further.

After Lisa rescued Zaphod, he developed an urethral obstruction and interstitial cystitis. He spent two nights at the emergency vets office under sedation with a catheter inserted. Luckily, this was caught early on and no renal damage occurred.

One of the doctors treating him was the same one who performed the amputation and remembered what an affectionate cat he is.

His treatment was expensive, but she doesn't regret getting him. He's the sweetest, loving boy and most grateful kitty ever, who's gone through more than any animal should.


Zaphod and her other kitties, Surprise and Brie, are finally getting accustomed to each other. He seems to have too much energy for them! He meows when he's separated from them now, although he's fine hogging my daughter at bedtime.

Story submitted by JVinVB of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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