Meet Ben

Meet Ben

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This is the story of Ben — a shelter dog we adopted from Huntsville Animal Services in Huntsville, AL.

rescue dog forever home Photo: Karen Buchan

We had just moved in to our new house and my birthday was coming up. I had a dog all of my life growing up, and my wife knew that I wanted another dog. She tricked me into coming home early and ended up taking me to Huntsville Animal Services after she saw a story on channel 48 about the shelter being full.

Well, there were all kinds of dogs that needed a home and when I saw Ben, I knew that I wanted him. He was very timid at first, and I was not sure how he was going to react to our cats at home.

However, he was so happy to see the cats! He did bark, but he didn't try to chase them. He just wanted to see who these little guys were. He seemed to have fallen in love with our two felines and even gave them baths and slept right next to them.

rescue dog forever home Photo: Karen Buchan

Let's just say that he is a big part of our life and family. From graduating from Obedience School to walking the trails of North Alabama, Ben loves to be involved in our lives. He loves to give kisses to get you out of bed and snuggles up on the pillows. He is the sweetest dog that I have ever owned. I was glad that we went that day and made him part of the McElroy family.

Story submitted by Karen Buchan.

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