Rescue Dog with Skin Infection and Sepsis is Adopted and Grows a Beautiful Coat

Rescue Dog with Skin Infection and Sepsis is Adopted and Grows a Beautiful Coat

Brian Wierima

Gracie's story was originally shared in the Clear the Shelters Adoption Story Challenge on Gracie won the Runner-up Price of $1,500 in cash and pet supplies for Gulf Coast Humane Society! Create your own free Shelter Challenge account and vote for your favorite shelter or rescue group to win cash and prizes. Every time you vote we’ll give an extra donation to shelters!

Glacier, now Gracie, came into Gulf Coast Humane Society in dire straits, after being picked up on a desolated Central Florida road. Gracie's condition was vital by the time she reached the safe confines of GCHS with a serious skin infection, which resulted in her being diagnosed with sepsis.

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Her condition left her with very little energy and her beautiful fur was replaced by scabbing and serious infections. But with each day, her spirits lifted and she soon began wanting all the positive attention she received from staff and volunteers. Love and affection was Gracie's best medicine.

Eventually, after months of rehab and fostering, Gracie found her fur-ever home. A life once in danger, was now home, loving life!

Her new fur-ever family gave this amazing update: "I named her Gracie because it was the Grace of God that I got her and she has fit into my home perfectly. She has really filled out with a beautiful coat, loves to chase squirrels so she is on squirrel patrol every day when she is let out and she loves to run!

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"I have a huge fenced-in landscaped backyard that she now considers her own. Gracie also loves to play with her doggy rope and squeaky baby in the house so she keeps us pretty busy.

"It is just me and my husband but it is me who spends all day with her and my senior dog Patches. Patches and Gracie are now sisters and it has really uplifted Patches since she lost 2 of her last doggie sisters to old age within the past year, one was 13 and the other 15 years old."

Adoption: that's what happy lives are made of!

Story submitted by Brian Wierima.

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