Trickster' Shelter Cat Secretly Opens Door When Staff Aren't Watching

Trickster' Shelter Cat Secretly Opens Door When Staff Aren't Watching

A "tricker" shelter cat learned to open the door at the shelter, and staff couldn't figure out how the door kept being opened!

It's not unheard of for cats to learn how to open doors. Even kittens can open doors if they're persistent enough. Some cats have even been documented opening a sliding glass door or helping other pets by opening doors!

Even so, it can be confusing to discover a door mysteriously being opened day after day unless you specifically see a cat doing it.

That happened recently at the Capital Humane Society in Lincoln, Nebraska.

On July 27, 2023, the the humane society shared on Facebook that the staff were puzzled as to why certain doors kept being opened when no one was around. But they finally caught the culprit red-pawed. They said, "Staff started to go crazy knowing they shut certain doors when they left at night but those same doors would be open in the morning......then today we discovered this. Grimsen is the ultimate trickster."

Check out the video below:

After being shared, the video gained a lot of attention! Sadly, a week or so passed and Grimsen still hadn't been adopted. The shelter commented on the video in early August, saying, "Okkkk, all of this attention & how is he still available for adoption?!"

Thankfully, on August 7, the humane society shared an update that Grimsen finally went home over the weekend.

They said, "The little trickster who ended up going viral (Grimsen) found his new home this weekend! We can assure you he started playing jokes on them right away."

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