Climb Aboard the UFO Chicken Coop, Built by Fun-Loving and Creative Humans

Climb Aboard the UFO Chicken Coop, Built by Fun-Loving and Creative Humans

Having animals at home can certainly inspire your imagination and creative side. You can’t help but think of millions of scenarios in various genres suitable for your pets. Your creativity is triggered as you think of ideas to bond with them uniquely. Some people dress their pets as famous characters, while others choose a theme for their bedding, toys, etc. It’s undeniably fun to include them in your interests, especially when they cooperate. Your phone’s camera roll will certainly be filled with hundreds of photos and videos of your pets executing your ideas. Pet parents really have a lot of perks, as they can express their creativity and heal their inner child at the same time.

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Moreover, you’ll have fun with your imagination if your pets share similarities with a particular pop culture icon. It’s exciting to apply movie references to create your version of several scenes. For instance, a UFO chicken coop was built by Brett and Ellen from Idaho. Although it was not clarified, their idea can be referenced to Chicken Little — a young rooster famous for saying the “sky is falling," which turns out to be an impending alien invasion. The real reason why they built the spaceship was because they wanted something out of the ordinary for their flock. And indeed, it was one of a kind! Every time the chickens return home, it’s like they are preparing to take flight and explore the universe.

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It took extra effort to create the UFO chicken coop. They used materials such as a 10-foot satellite dish for the exterior, dishes cut into an 8-foot circular floor, and Styrofoam for insulation. As for the design, they added handles to lift the base, holes were also made for windows, and the insulation layer has a waterproof barrier. They painted the coop with aluminum paint to recreate a spaceship exterior. It’s also dual purpose as it can cool down the coop during hot weather. Brett and Ellen installed surveillance camera covers to completely imitate a UFO’s window.

In order to make their chickens climb aboard the spaceship, they placed the coop on top of a trampoline. It was also to keep their feathered friends from being invaded by lurking predators. A wooden platform served as the chickens' pathway to enter the UFO. As for the interior, they ensured that there were hen boxes, a hatch, handles, and proper lighting. The look even became more fun and creative when they added green lighting — making the spaceship more believable. Many people were amazed by the effort and idea. Brett and Ellen really worked hard, and their chickens are the coolest flock in town. Witness their return to the mothership in the video below.

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