Woman Breaks Up with Wealthy Fiance After Discovering the Real Price of Her Engagement Ring

Woman Breaks Up with Wealthy Fiance After Discovering the Real Price of Her Engagement Ring

"We’ve seen it plenty of times on our screens, if never in real life, how excited women get when a man goes down on his knees and reveals a box with a glistening ring inside. Everything stops and his next words are almost a whisper in the wind," writes Stephanie on afashionblog.com.

The romantic words are followed by: "The response is a quick nod and a rushed affirmation with an outstretched left hand, lest the gentleman misses his target. Once it’s slipped on, an excited jump for joy into each other’s arms while everyone is teary-eyed and awestruck."

Thus, it's so easy to understand just how happy the younger sister of this Original Poster on Reddit was when she got engaged -- and that was to a man whose family is highly reputable in the business world.

According to OP, who goes by the username u/Cultural-Counter5605, "I [F26] have a wife Katie [F26]. I have a younger sister Lydia [F22] who got engaged to her fiancé Seth [M24] around a month ago. Seth's family is pretty well-off, his parents both work in the business sector and can afford a very lavish lifestyle. Although Seth has a decent job, his parents send him money regularly. He proposed to Lydia with a ring that they both constantly brag about, bragging about how expensive it is. Seth claims the ring is worth about $50k."

OP further shared that his wife Katie has been working as a jeweller for years, and so it was only natural for Lydia to ask her to clean up her ring as a favor since she would be having a photoshoot soon.

But shocking events followed. OP wrote, "She (Katie) told me later in private that the ring is made of cheap materials and is worth no more than $30. After a long conversation, we decided it would be best if I told Lydia. I talked to Lydia in private and explained to her as gently as possible that Katie had a good look at the ring and that it is definitely not worth the amount of money that Seth said it was. Lydia was shocked. She said Seth must have been scammed by whoever he bought the ring off of. Lydia later talked to Seth. I wasn't there for the conversation, but apparently, Seth knew the ring was cheap and was hoping Lydia wouldn't find this out."

And so, the engagement was broken off. Lydia no longer talks to Seth. However, OP's parents were furious with him and his wife for "meddling" in other people's affairs. Their relatives were mad at them too.

But, as for Lydia, OP said that his younger sister is not angry at them at all. What she hated was Seth's lying to her about the ring and leading her on to brag about it to everyone like a fool.

As for the hundreds of comments that this post earned, here are some of the heart-lifting ones:

"The fact that Seth lied and said the ring was worth 50K and it was actually worth $30 is the key here - he lied when he didn't have to. Repeatedly, from the sounds of it. It's not about the ring, it's about dishonesty and trust. It's about character and honour. NTA, she needed to know that he was lying to her," said Melmoth_Milton, whose reply has won awards.

"Yep. Thinking he could get away with something like this.. forever??! Just imagine what else a guy like this would try to get away with. OP did the woman a favor," remarked vulpesvulpesfugit.

"He would’ve been busted when she got it appraised for insurance. He’s stupid to say 50k and guarantee it would be at least checked for insurance by any sensible person. NTA, OP, she would’ve been set up for any level of momentous lies in her marriage. How can your parents condone that?" wrote mayfeelthis.

Meanwhile, this honest comment from SammyLoops1 comes with great wisdom as well: "If Katie didn't say anything, she could have been accused of switching the stone out. 'If it was fake, why didn't you say anything? You just gave it back to me knowing that? I bet you swapped it out for the cheap one. Why else wouldn't you have told me?'"

Sounds like this young woman was saved from a life of heartache. Thank goodness!

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