Bear Chases Woman's Dog, So She Punches It In The Face

Bear Chases Woman's Dog, So She Punches It In The Face

64-year-old Lynn Kelly was at her home in Porter, Maine, when a bear started chasing her dog - so she punched the bear in the face!

According to CNN, a news release from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife noted that Kelly was in her backyard when he dog started barking and ran off into the woods.

When the dog returned from the woods, he was being trailed by a bear!

Speaking with WMUR, Kelly said:

"I noticed that my dog ran off of the deck and straight down in front of the house down the hill. And the next thing I knew, I heard him scream, squealing. And so, I ran over to where he had gone down and kept calling him and calling him, and he finally came running back up. And right behind him was the bear. And the bear looked at me, and I looked at the bear. I think we both scared each other."

Apparently, she didn't scare the bear too much, because it continued to charge toward her and the dog. When the bear got closer, Kelly didn't know what to do, so she punched it in the face!

The bear ended up biting her hand and wrist before running off.

Kelly was treated at the hospital for four puncture wounds.

According to WMUR, wildlife officials described the incident as a "provoked attack." It's rare to have a bear attack like that, and officials have set two live-capture traps.

It's unclear what will happen to the bear if caught. It's possible he or she will be euthanized or relocated.

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