Woman Puts Her Boyfriend's Dog Down Without His Permission

Woman Puts Her Boyfriend's Dog Down Without His Permission

Making an end-of-life decision for a pet can be difficult, but one woman robbed her boyfriend of that decision by putting his dog down without his permission!

The woman posted about the situation on Reddit, wondering if she was in the wrong for what she did and people had a lot of opinions on it.

In the post, she explained that her boyfriend's senior dog wasn't doing well but he didn't want to have the dog put down.

Rather than respecting his wishes, she took things into her own hands and called the vet to put the dog down while her boyfriend was away.

In the post, she wrote:

"I loved this dog beyond words, let me make that absolutely clear. This dog was an absolute gift to the world and I loved them unconditionally. They were 16 though and had countless medical problems (rotated front legs which prevented them from getting up, jumping up, being moved, just completely unable to walk among other things)."

She added that the dog was in "CONSTANT agony. Every time the dog tried to get up he would be screaming in pain."

Sadly, there was nothing the vets could do. She continued the post, saying:

"The vets advised that I put his dog down. I thought about it for a week and decided that I had to. This dog was suffering so much. The quality of life just wasn't there. My boyfriend went out on Friday with some of his mates and I called him to let him know I was putting his dog down. I had his dog put down at home with his family."

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She justified her decision by saying, "I was sick of watching my boyfriend dismiss the pain this dog was obviously in; he ignored vets telling him to get this dog put down because it was borderline abuse keeping him alive."

She ended the post by saying that she wishes her boyfriend had been able to say goodbye, but she feels she made the right decision. However, when her boyfriend returned home for the night and saw his dead dog, he packed up all of her stuff and kicked her out of the house.

"The guilt is unbelievable, so reddit, tell me, am I in the wrong?" she asked.

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Of course, many people had a lot of things to say about the situation. A lot of people said she was in the wrong because it wasn't her dog or her decision. Some people sided with her, saying that she was doing what was best for the dog and that's the most important thing.

Others felt both she and her boyfriend were both in the wrong, which sounds about right. Making a major medical decision about a pet behind its owner's back seems like a good reason to be dumped, but it also seems she had good intentions about making the call!

What do you think of the situation? Do you think the girlfriend was in the wrong, or do you think she was justified in what she did? Let us know!

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