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Collection: Alpaca Clothing & More

Unique Alpaca Quality

A remarkable fabric with more qualities than you can count, where eco-friendly meets comfort and quality

Every purchase helps people, pets and the planet.

Luxurious & Sustainable

Alpacas are naturally efficient and sustainable creatures, with gentle grazing patterns that leave virtually no ecological footprint. Their wool is naturally hypoallergenic and when taken care of, can last up to a lifetime or more.

Artisan Highlight

Jalsu Uma

Founded by Pasesa Quispe Tito, "Jalsu Uma" translates to "water comes out of a spring in order to reach everyone." Their mission is to empower women, particularly single mothers, enabling them to provide for their families and children.

Every purchase becomes an investment in brighter futures.

Purchasing our exquisite alpaca products not only offers you top-notch quality but also directly contributes to the betterment of their communities, where every purchase becomes an investment in brighter futures.

Radiating Warmth

Even more effective than sheep's wool at keeping you warm all season long

Get Toasty

Buttery Soft

Supple and comforting textures – not like the wool you’re used to

Cozy Up

Naturally Resistant

The unique fibers of Alpaca are naturally resistant to water, stains, and even fire!

Experience Alpaca