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NOVICA Artisan Musah Abdallah

Musah Abdallah

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“Hardworking, creative and a man of justice is a simple description of me. My name is Musah Abdallah, from Nima in Ghana.

“I became attracted to carved items when a friend visited the local art center and I accompanied him. I was intrigued by the beautiful things that could be carved out of wood. The next day, I decided to learn how to carve. It was not easy at the beginning, but my interest gave me the drive to persist. Master Carver Malik had enough patience to teach me. Continuous practice is what helped me master this art. I get my inspiration from God.

“Succeeding on my own was not easy; I started out by selling items to gather enough funds to acquire a shop. I look for creativity as one of the qualities necessary in another artisan in order to work with me.

“My hope is to help the poor and needy, and to create more jobs for the unemployed. My dream is to be successful in all my endeavors.”