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NOVICA Artisan Kwasi Osei Agyemang

Kwasi Osei Agyemang

My name is Kwasi Osei Agyemang and I was born in the Ashanti region of Ghana in 1985. I am a woodcarver. My friends describe me as a hardworking, honest and determined person.

I became interested in this craft after visiting some friends in an art center. I admired the way they carved and how they designed their works. Then, I learned how to carve and have also taught others.

"Starting on my own was very difficult for me because I had very little money, which I used to purchase some wood and working tools.

"Then, I went to the art center to see if a friend would help me get a workshop there. I began carving and selling my work. When I finished, I used my earnings to buy more sese wood and materials.

"I especially enjoy creating carvings that depict the African culture. The challenging part is when I have to work all day and night. I'm inspired by my good friends.

"A difficult time was when I had to look after myself when I was 18 because of my family's financial troubles. I thank God I didn't get close to bad people. Once, I worked for a bad boss. As much as I worked hard to please him, he never appreciated it. Whenever I made little mistakes, I was always insulted. When I sit and look back at those days it makes me laugh because life is full of ups and downs.

"I hope to keep teaching others and make my carvings known around the world."