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NOVICA Artisan Patricia Siguas

Patricia Siguas

My name is Patricia Siguas Campos and I was born in Lima in 1972. I consider myself a creative and responsible person.

I've always liked fashion and loved to browse through magazines to find apparel and accessories I liked. But then I'd imagine them with a Peruvian touch and with the lively colors of our handwoven textiles and natural dyes. I just couldn't stop thinking about all the things I'd like to create.

"I became involved when I worked in a shop selling handcrafted arts and crafts. I was in charge of finding artisans who were willing to modify a design or add some new and trendy detail to their work. As time went by, I was able to travel to Piura, Cajamarca, Cusco, Huacho and Chincha to meet with artisans. Then, I experienced an epiphany. I realized I could use what I'd seen in my travels to create the images in my own mind.

"I had to work very hard. First, I took courses on crafting handbags. As part of a class on quality control, I had to create a handbag, present it to my classmates and defend my design ideas.

"My inspiration comes from Peruvian cultures, our colors and textures. Working with my hands awakens my creative side. It's a wonderful and fulfilling experience. It is so exciting to think that one of my accessories will be used by a modern woman somewhere in the world who is looking for something unique and different.

"When I'm crafting my silk belts, I experiment with different kinds of knots, color combinations and textures. I've worked with Nestor, my right hand and colleague, since 2001. He weaves the fabric for the handbags and tints them with natural dyes. The silk cords we use are those used in upholstery.

"I believe life is full of challenges, but I've always managed to get back up, overcome them and find the strength to keep following my dreams. I want my designs to be seen in fashion shows around the world.

"I'm grateful that Novica has given me the opportunity to offer my designs to the world. It's wonderful to be a part of this worldwide family of artisans."