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NOVICA Artisan Rona Mentari

Rona Mentari

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My name is Rona Mentari, which literally means 'blushing sun.' I was born on the north coast of Java. I have a little sister and our childhood was spent happily playing on the beach together. Our parents had a jewelry shop.

I married very young, right after graduating from high school, but I continued my studies and earned a degree in interior design.

"Unfortunately, my marriage ended after 12 years and left me with three children. I had never worked before and I was at a loss because my husband had always provided everything we needed.

"I decided to return to my hometown. Life wasn't easy at that time, but I met stone artisans who taught me the craft. I began creating animal sculptures because I like animals.

"Shoppers like my designs and this is how I began. Now, I'm a self- sufficient woman."