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NOVICA Artisan Aparupa Ghosh

Aparupa Ghosh

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India's traditional block printing, all done by hand, is legendary. Aparupa Ghosh specializes in the craft.

"As a child in Kolkata, going to art classes was my favorite part of the day. I also admired my mother's and my grandmother's immense collection of saris.

"As time went by, my interest in the arts grew and I decided to specialize in textile design at art school. After completing my studies, I worked for textile factory where I gained experience and learned about wood block printing.

"After several different jobs and barely earning anything, I decided to work on my own and it has been the best decision of my life. Learning never ends and I'm constantly learning something new every day. When I started, I understood and the many possibilities of colors, textiles and designs, but I'm still learning today!

"For my block print fashion accessories, I use natural fabrics like cotton and silk, which are woven in Bengal. I pride myself in procuring these fabrics directly from the weavers themselves. I also use recycled fabrics to make pouches and details like tassels for my shawls.

"As a woman entrepreneur, I found the challenge of my own venture was immense. But my family has helped me. My father helped me set up my workshop while my mother, with her immense knowledge of textiles, helped me choose materials.

"I regard textiles as a blank canvas and I love to play with textures and colors. I often layer two colors on top of each other. My inspiration comes from everyday life and nature. I also borrow subtle Japanese aesthetics from time to time."