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NOVICA Artisan Luis Barboza

Luis Barboza

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Innovation moves me to create quality designs that are 100 percent functional and original. I want shoppers to become aware that reusing materials helps reduce the contamination of our environment.

My small collection of jewelry is a joy to create. The designs are unique and original and all the materials are recycled.

"I had to start from zero because of things that others did to me but this just made me work harder with the help of God. The truth is, it's the tough times when you achieve things you never thought you could.

"For a number of years, I was living in the USA and a friend there created art from discarded materials as a hobby. I always gave him materials. But one day, I'd given him so much that he asked me to hold onto them. Instead, he offered to teach me his techniques.

"At the time, I wasn't too keen on learning but he insisted so much that I finally felt an obligation to try. So I did.

"Later on, when I returned to Costa Rica, I didn't have a job so I began crafting handbags and personalized the technique. Ever since then, I've never stopped creating eco-friendly jewelry and accessories."