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NOVICA Artisan Luis Zuñiga

Luis Zuñiga

I was born in Chiapas, an area rich in deposits of natural amber.

I am an jeweler with a particular fascination for amber. I've always loved getting to know the essence of my country, and making a piece of jewelry that conveys this same spirit gives me a great feeling of gratitude, which I want to share with everyone I can.

"My mother, Lilia Mijangos, taught me. She often took me to her workshop, and I always loved seeing the amber. One of the things she shared with me was the importance of observation and initiative. She told me that the ideas I had would amount to nothing if I didn't develop my own technique with confidence.

"For me, selecting the amber is the essence of my work. I love teaching people what this resin has to offer — it's like having a millennary piece of life in your hands, one that complements your personality.

I find my greatest inspiration in the simple task of observing the resin with its spectrum of colors, and imagining how this piece was in the earth way before any of our generations. I love transforming it into jewelry.

"Together with my wife, I set out on this dream of mine. Our dreams are the reality of each person's life. A also each classes in amber jewelry."