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My father runs a wood factory. He was originally a lumberman, using the crosscut saw to cut wood for other people. Eventually, he had so much work he couldn't handle it all, so he set up a small workshop that grew into a small factory. Growing up in this environment, I saw a lot of wood scraps left all over the place. When I was young, I'd play with them, using the wood as toys.

I'm Pornpimon Pattamasukhon. My name means 'the perfect blessing.' My nickname is Golf. I was born on November 25, 1982 in Sanpatong district south of Chiang Mai. My parents have only me and my sister who is 12 years younger than I am.

"I can always use the wood around me to make anything I like. I don't want to see it thrown away or burned for cooking. When I grew up, I saw more beauty in these small pieces of wood and began using them to make ornaments. As I designed more and more, I began to combine wood with silver. It turned out to be quite nice and I like it very much.

"I grew up in a warm family. My mother is a salesperson for things she loves to sell. I remember well how my parents took good care of me. When I was young, I once got sick during the night. My parents were in another province quite far away from our home, but they hurried back that night just to be with me during my sickness. It's always in my memory. Now that I'm married with a daughter born in 2003, I pass all my love on to her. Getting married a bit young helped me to become more mature and have more sense of responsibility in life.

"My husband runs a silver shop; we married only a year after we met and just one year later, we had our daughter. He still manages the silver shop. I help him with what I can, and also design my jewelry to pass on to the silversmiths to create nice pieces. My husband also runs a pub and restaurant where I also help when I have time.

"In 2008, my husband and I took a two-month break to visit England. We spent most of our time in London to absorb all its beauty and history. We missed our daughter but we knew that our parents were taking good care of her. So we enjoyed our trip a lot. "I love to design from reclaimed wood. By doing this, I not only create jewelry I love, but I also get the chance to help the environment while adding more beauty to people. My designs are focused on reclaimed wood, showing its natural texture as much as I can. My styles aim to complement both traditional and modern dress."