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NOVICA Artisan Kunio Takeda

Kunio Takeda

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Update (August, 2019)

"I have focused on the art of silver jewelry for more than 40 years, specializing mainly in giving it a sculptural touch. I'm always looking for figures and creations that show Mexican identity, and the key for me is observation. I've managed to share my vision of Mexico in a different way and I respect traditions enormously.

"I'm very grateful to you, since you have given your understanding and respect to this beautiful fusion of Japan and Mexico. It has meant a huge and constant creative process in the observation of the details of things like alebrijes, flora and fauna."

Original Artisan Story

"I was born in Japan in 1948. When I was a child, I played with birds, I flew the kites I made, and I loved trekking in nearby mountains where I learned to fish in rivers and lakes. I've always loved being near nature. I grew up with my siblings and parents in the countryside — my parents were farmers, not artists. I joined the art club at school, and that's where my story in art begins. I was introduced to painting with watercolors, woodcut printing, and mural paintings on 7 by 15 foot walls. Though it kept me busy, I never forgot my responsibilities at home, including family activities and chores.

"After high school I took different courses to become a sculptor, and my favorite media were wood and ceramic. The first sculpture I made, 'Mother and Child,' was carved from walnut wood, and I gave to friend who was really like a patron of my work.

"I came to Mexico when I was 25 to study at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, in their National School of Fine Arts, and I furthered my studies at the National School of Design and Handicrafts. I specialize in artistic silver.

"In 1991, I was invited to be a judge at Taxco's International Silver Fair, and I've exhibited my work in different Japanese cities more than 30 times, as well as throughout Mexico.

"I've crafted jewelry since the 1970s, specializing primarily in silver, and each of my designs is crafted by hand with traditional silver techniques.

"My love of nature is my inspiration – I admire the great variety of flora and fauna that surrounds us! Traditional celebrations and fiestas from countryside villages also are a source of inspiration, for I love to transform them into landscape pieces featuring the unique sheen of silver.

"My collections include rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, chains, buckles, brooches and sculptures. Sometimes I'll add gemstones such as turquoise, opal and jade, among others. I design and craft spoons and forks, vases and other utilitarian and artistic pieces, as well.

"I also love to read, walk in the countryside where I can also sit and paint, and prepare Mexican cuisine and beverages!

"As an artist, one of my greatest challenges came in 2002, when a friend in Los Angeles commissioned a sculpture of Buddha, completely made of silver. It measured 20 by 16 inches and took me three years to finish.

"One of the first wood sculptures I made was very erotic, it featured male genitalia, which inspired many other sculptures. From this experience I learned that my artistic creativity needs to be constantly evolving.

"To you who have come to know my designs, I would like to encourage you to wear them and show them off as landscapes and creatures that are on their way to extinction. My designs come as a fusion of aesthetics and my passion for conserving the environment. My desire is to spread the images of Mexico's natural world. And at the same time, contribute to bringing happiness to more people."