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NOVICA Artisan Jesus Soliz

Jesus Soliz

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I'm from Huaraz province and, after primary school, I moved to Lima out of necessity but also moved by desire to make something of myself. I went through some very tough times but, thanks to God and to my friends and neighbors, I was able to get through many of them.

I started helping out at a workshop where they specialized in wood and leather furniture, and I learned a lot from the artisans by asking questions and observing them — such was my desire to make something of myself. "A few years later, I started buying my own tools with a vision of opening my own workshop. I crafted trunks little by little and whenever possible, which I sold on the streets. It was difficult to start on my own without the necessary funds.

"Through it all, my desire to become a renowned artisan with my own venture sustained my enthusiasm over the years until I was finally able to set up a little workshop at home.

"I work with cedar and tornillo woods, natural leather and any accessory that I might include in my designs. I work on my own, though sometimes my son helps out me when he isn't studying.

"Inca art and colonial art inspire my own designs, and I sell my work at different shops and fairs. My main concern is that you appreciate the top-quality of my work."

In 2018, Jesus Soliz was recognized as a producing artisan by the City of Lima, and as a product developer and craft innovator Recognition by MINCETUR in 2019.