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Made Sugi

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I'm Made Sugi and I was born in Bali in 1975 as the second of four children. My hometown has a lot of jewelry artisans working with silver who have inspired me.

After finishing my education, I got married and had two daughters and two sons. My children made me more responsible and active. I feel blessed to have this life and a healthy family.

"I helped with my husband's silver workshop and then began designing. I enjoy this art and have learned a lot. My husband and neighbors taught me how to craft jewelry. In the beginning, I cleaned, melted and shaped silver, until I was finally able to craft my own designs.

"Once, I had to help clean many silver pieces and sprained my finger and was unable to use it until now. My motto is never to give up, keep working and increase productivity.

"We use silver, gemstones and pearls. We are helped by 15 jewelry artisans who use traditional tools. Our motifs are Balinese and include jawan (silver bubbles) and bun (swirls). These motifs are challenging because they require a delicate hand for an intricate process.

"In designing, I'm inspired by our culture and tradition. This makes our creations different from that of other countries and even jewelry from other regions in Indonesia. We hope people around the world like our jewelry so that Bali's silversmiths can continue this craft and also earn a living."