It's Ukraine Independence Day

In February 24, 2022, Ukraine faced a Russian invasion, triggering a humanitarian crisis as millions fled the war's turmoil.

Due to your support and our partner Greater Good Charities, we have teams in Ukraine who are providing meals, helping pets, distributing supplies, and much more. There is a significant need for continued support in this on-going crisis.

Continue Making A Difference Today!

Wrap Up in Comfort and Wrap Others in Kindness

For every blanket purchased, a blanket is donated to a person in war-torn Ukraine. Each blanket, proudly crafted in Kharkiv, Ukraine, not only provides warmth but also creates valuable work opportunities.

Together we have donated over 30,000 blankets!

Warming Hearts and Homes

Timeless & Functional

Crafted with quality and versatility to offer both warmth and style for years.

Machine Washable

No need to take it in to get dry cleaned!

Ethically Gathered

Materials that are humanely harvested, no animals are harmed during gathering.



Ukrainian 100% Merino Wool Throw Blanket

They're temperature-regulating, hypoallergenic, and expertly wick away moisture to keep you cozy without overheating.