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Plant Milkweed Flower Seeds to Help Save the Monarch Butterfly

Plant Milkweed Flower Seeds to Help Save the Monarch Butterfly

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You can make a difference by sending the gift of a Benefit Buy, which send supplies and goods, to those who need it most.
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Why are our "fluttering friends" so important:

Monarch butterflies are not only beautiful, they are key pollinators in our ecosystems. By helping pollinate, monarchs support plants in bearing fruit and are a vital part of the food chain for people and animals alike. Monarchs are also considered an indicator species, meaning they are very sensitive to climate changes and the presence of chemicals in the environment. It's a wonderful sign when butterflies are thriving.

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The danger:

Monarch populations are on the decline due to a number of factors. Deforestation is causing habitat loss, while more extreme weather also poses a threat to this delicate creature. Because they are so sensitive to the climate, severe storms, harsh winters,drought, excessive rain and temperature drops can kill many monarch butterflies.

Monarchs are also losing access to milkweed, a plant they depend on. Many people believe milkweed is a true weed and remove it from their lawns and gardens, when in actuality it is a plant that sustains butterflies. Like the monarch butterfly, milkweed faces its own share of threats: herbicides, drought, and urbanization to name a few.

Due to these factors there are concerns that the population of this species is declining at a fast rate and that may be on the endangered species list soon.

Why milkweed:

It's the monarch's favorite flower! While monarchs pollinate many different types of flowers, the milkweed flower is their favorite. They rely on the nectar from the plant to drink, and milkweed is also one of the few places where these butterflies will lay their eggs.

How to help:

You can help save monarch butterflies by helping plant milkweed! Monarchs depend on the milkweed flower for not only nectar but to lay eggs and grow their population. When you choose to help, we will work with regional experts to plant hundreds of pounds of milkweed native seeds, both annual and perennial, in areas that will assist in the survival of the species. Your support also helps fund labor, supplies and tools to ensure the seeds are being planted properly. As a bonus, these flowers will help other natural wildlife like birds, bees and other types of butterflies!

Join us in our effort to support and save monarch butterflies!


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