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Help Rescued Turtles By Sending Supplies

Help Rescued Turtles By Sending Supplies

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You can make a difference by sending the gift of a Benefit Buy, which send supplies and goods, to those who need it most.
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You can make a difference by sending the gift of a Benefit Buy, which send supplies and goods, to those who need it most.
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The Problem:

Our spirited shell-covered friends need help! Shelters, foster homes, wildlife rehabilitation centers and other organizations that rescue turtles need all the supplies we can provide!

Why might a turtle end up in a rescue?

  • Turtles can become seriously injured in the wild. From eating litter, getting caught in it, or being injured by another animal. Like other wildlife, turtles can be harmed from natural disasters. Crossing the road is also a huge danger! Many turtles will have their shells crushed and need help right away. When these things happen, turtles often need to go to rescues to have any chance of surviving.
  • Domestic turtles are often surrendered to shelters if the owner doesn't have the time or the means to take care of the turtle. Tragically, sometimes turtles are even set loose in the wild by owners who no longer want them. These turtles often struggle to survive and do not make it, if rescue groups don't make it to them in time.

When a turtle enters a rescue or shelter, the organization is focused on providing vital necessities such as shelter, heat and medical assistance. As a result, there often isn't much funding available for resources that could make a turtle more comfortable while they wait for the next step in their journey,  whether that is healing and being returned to the wild or awaiting adoption into a forever home.


How to Help:

By sending supplies you are helping injured, abandoned or sick turtles in need. Each kit makes life more comfortable and engaging for a rescued turtle!

Mini: This kit includes a blanket to help safely transport rescued baby turtles and comfort cold-stunned turtles. You'll send a turtle treat bone - a fun treat for the turtle - as well. These treats provide an excellent source of calcium and the rough, edible surface of the bone helps prevent overgrown beaks.

Mega: With this kit, you'll send a blanket to help transport turtles from place to place. You'll also send turf  to use in a tank or an outdoor enclosure. The soft, absorbent non-abrasive turf carpet acts as a protective layer for turtles as they wander about their habitat. It's also easy to wash, ensuring that the turtles are living in a clean environment.  Since it cannot be accidentally ingested, it's safe too! Finally, the kit also includes a ramp bowl, which allows the turtle to easily access food or water. These bowls have a natural look so they can blend in with the turtle's habitat.

Deluxe: This package includes everything in the Mega kit which includes a blanket, a turtle treat bone, a ramp food bowl and several other goodies! By choosing the Deluxe kit, you'll send a 10-pound bag of large turtle pebbles, which help create a natural looking habitat in a tank or outdoor enclosure. These smooth pebbles ensure the turtles have a safe habitat to call home. You'll also provide turtle food to help relieve some of the financial burden on shelters and rescues working hard to save our shell-backed friends.

Do even more good by subscribing and giving every month to help turtles!


2023: Beth and Tony Vaughn, of the Mountain View Wildlife Rehabilitation, are super grateful for the reptile ramps sent for these two box turtles. The larger one had abscess in his neck and could go back into his shell because of it. The smaller one had a cracked shell. Both will being staying at the rehab center until they are healed and ready to go back in the wild. 

Spring 2023: 

The South Florida Wildlife Center and the turtles there love the kits sent to them. According to Alessandra Medri of the center a striped mud turtle was discovered on the side of the road with a shell injury, and was taken in by the center. And as can be seen he loves to swim throughout the day and soak in the little ramp bowl at night. "These reptile ramp bowls are the perfect little "jacuzzi" for him."

May 2023:

Diane Johnson of Operation Wildlife Inc. was ecstatic to receive goods to help turtles! They are putting the turtle pebbles they have in their pond for all the turtles that part of the rehabilitation program. They also love the reptile bowls that were sent. "These turtles are brought to us after they've been hit by cars or mowers, used as dog chew toys. We repair their shells and then release them back to their natural environment. This is an Eastern Box Turtle."

October 2023: This snapping turtle hatchling has a neurological issue which has been seen dozens of times at the Turtle Rescue League. This turtle will likely be with the rescue for several years until he is healed. The food pellets sent are perfect for him since they sink - he has trouble rising to water level to get food like most snappers. The Turtle Rescue Leagues states that "With luck, this turtle will be released to the wild, near where it was found, and could live more than 100 years."

Other important information:

  • You will not receive a shipment from this purchase. We will facilitate the donation directly with qualifying organizations your behalf.
  • You will be charged all required taxes for your location. Save your receipt and consult your tax professional to determine if you're able to claim this purchase as a tax-deductible donation expense.
  • GreaterGood has ultimate authority and discretion with regard to the distribution of Benefit Buy contributions based upon what the receiving organization needs the most. We will always contribute products of equal or greater value. Contributions may be distributed as cash or may be used to help other charity partners depending on the greatest need.
  • GreaterGood is proud to help provide this opportunity to support animals in need. We are 20 Years Strong, and we couldn't have done it without your support--thank you!



You will not receive a shipment from this product. We will deliver your product purchase directly to the shelter recipient on your behalf.


If you are not 100% satisfied with this product, you may return it for exchange or refund within 90 days of purchase, subject to some restrictions. Please review our full Returns & Exchanges information.

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For the Turtles

The video was moving and compelling. Turtles are such ancient, peaceful animals. xo

Kris M.
Love to Donate

Turtles are THE BEST! I wish I could donate more and more often, but I'm happy to know that all the proceeds go directly to the cause. I will be donating again in the future.