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The Sun's Song Fair Trade Steel Wall Art Sculpture

The Sun's Song Fair Trade Steel Wall Art Sculpture

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Working with Fair Trade certified organizations is an important part of what we do. This product is made by artisans that are fairly compensated for their skilled work, and helps provide a living wage as well as safe work conditions.

Singing and impassioned song, the sun arrives early to brighten the day. Known as the 'King of Stars' in Mexico, the sun inspires this steel wall art sculpture by Alejandro de Esesarte.

  • materials: Steel
  • Size may vary slightly
  • Color(s) may vary slightly
20 in. H x 26 in. W x 1.8 in. D

Artisan Information

Alejandro de Esesarte

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Update (July, 2019)

I have been working with since 2008. This has greatly helped the sale of my work. The potential is enormous.

I have always been very strict regarding the quality of my work — for me, it is a discipline. Novica has been my right hand in keeping my designs on the market and this represents one of my greatest sources of income, allowing my designs to be known in many latitudes.

Dealing with autism hasn't stopped me from creating more wall sculptures of quality and perfection. My greatest competition is me, myself. I like creating colorful figures that reflect a latent emotion with a pleasing texture. I enjoy seeing shoppers feel happy and satisfied that they are receiving a beautiful, quality Mexican work of art.

Today, several people work with me and support me in crafting more sculptures. This inspires me and gives me an enormous satisfaction.

I was born in Agua Prieta, Sonora near the border of Arizona with its colorful flowers. I feel influenced by both cultures but, above all, I identify with Mexico.

From the time I was a boy, I was attracted to art. My mother painted and I admired her creative ability. I began to draw. I then learned watercolor, which is something I still enjoy.

When I was 11, I began collecting butterflies. I'd catch them and keep them in a wooden box to exhibit them. When I was 20, I became an ecologist and defender of nature, and this is when I began to create animals in clay and resin.

In 1908, my grandmother crafted a tray with a metal butterfly. My technique is similar to cutout metal, but more rudimentary. From this, I became inspired and started working in metal, for its versatility. In 2004, I set up my workshop.

I am on the autism spectrum, and I became successful thanks to my ASD. I could not hold a job very long, so I was forced to make my workshop a success in order to survive. It took me twelve years but I kept on because of my autistic obsession, and that gave time for the art to mature and be successful.

I'm obsessed with perfection and beauty, quality and detail, and kept on adding more and more detail and quality. I create each piece with my passion for drawing and seeing the finished work fills me with satisfaction. I am very strict with quality because I'm very demanding in my work. I'm a perfectionist, and demand a great deal of myself because I love to watch people's faces, see their smiles when they see my work.

I have observed that the part of my brain in charge of social understanding and emotions stays in the stage of about a ten-year-old boy. So we are like big boys and girls who don't follow the unwritten rules of social behavior. The autistic is rejected and doesn't understand why. I am in a permanent state of anxiety and insecurity, not completely understanding the world.

There is a certain beauty in isolation, so that my quiet style and sensitivity increases. Understanding expands. You get to know yourself by being alone.

I understand and love the natural world. With animals, I have no problem. I feel at home. No conflicts, no social demands, no arguments and competitiveness of people. It is the world of that humans I do not belong to — the sense of belonging, unable to relax and enjoy life with other people.

We are perfect for science or art. Autism has given me success beyond my wildest dreams. Thanks to my artistic success, I have economic independence and total liberty.

My art is the only connection to the rest of humanity. It is my identity and my sanity. A special thanks to you who buy my art. Thank you for giving me my identity and value. My art gave me that dignity I never had.

Supplier Information

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NOVICA was started with a dream to create a better world for artisans, because a better world for artisans is a better world for all.

Along the way, the founders of NOVICA discovered something very important - as artisans around the world succeeded, there was also a visible and profound impact on the communities around them.

Your purchases are that powerful. They directly and indirectly provide for education, help with health care, fund basic needs, support children, preserve disappearing arts, and of course, spread happiness around the world.

The founders of NOVICA had a vision of the future that is not one of mega factories producing cookie cutter products for all to cheaply consume. Instead, a bright future that celebrates artisans who take the time to create an item by hand. A future where time is protected, where stories are told, where unique details are honored. Love, respect, inclusiveness become driving force.


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