Pawsome Norwegian Forest Cat Looking for Love in a Forever Home

Pawsome Norwegian Forest Cat Looking for Love in a Forever Home

Pima Animal Care Center

Say hello to dear, sweet Simon, a neutered blue and white Norwegian forest cat. While currently being cared for in a foster home, this handsome boy has been on the lookout for permanent digs ever since arriving at the Pima Animal Care Center in southern Arizona. He's a sweetie pie that weighs approximately 10 pounds and is thought to be roughly 10 years old.

Considered independent yet affectionate, forest cats are a very old breed that developed without human interference for hundreds of years in the forests of Norway, where they are known as skogkatts (Norwegian for forest cats). Sometimes referred to as a "wegie" here in the U.S., these large felines are typified by dense coats with long fur and fuzzy ears featuring tufts of hair sprouting from them.

They're also known to form strong bonds with their humans and enjoy being involved in most aspects of daily life. Additionally, they are curious, playful, and even-tempered, positioning them as terrific companions for work-from-home types and families with kids. As an added bonus, these cats are generally chill around polite, respectful doggies and other well-mannered cats.

Simon is a calm gentleman looking for love in a forever home where he'll be welcomed with open arms. True to form, he's quite a love bug and enjoys being petted, brushed, snuggled, and the chance to hang out around people and/or other pets.

Speaking of which, Simon gets along well with dogs and cats. He will always take you up on being your nap buddy, though. He still has so much love to give, but no takers have come along yet. Part of the reason may be that he's diabetic and receives insulin injections twice daily, but he takes them without any fuss. An adoption counselor can explain to you how quick and easy it is to administer.

He enjoys his foster home and gets along well with everyone there, but it was never meant to be a permanent situation. If you're interested in adopting this wonderful fella or know of someone who might be, please email with any additional questions or to inquire about an adoption application. For reference, Simon's ID# is A701041.

Rebecca West

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