Zeke is NOT a Freak, He's a Dog Who Needs Love & Affection After a Hard Life

Zeke is NOT a Freak, He's a Dog Who Needs Love & Affection After a Hard Life


Meet Zeke! This handsome boy is waiting to be adopted at the Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson, Arizona. He's had a rough time of it in life and was fortunate enough to spend some downtime in foster care. At some point prior to that poor, sweet Zeke lost his left ear, but he's none the worse for it. Here's what PACC learned about him while he was staying there:

"Zeke is most likely the chillest doggie you've met in your entire life. His perfect day is one filled with lounging on the couch, snuggling with his humans, chewing on his Nylabone, and giving lots of love. He's a very good boy when left alone for long periods of time and just chills on the couch and waits for his people to come home.

"Basically, he's a homebody who prefers to hang with his people over lots of activities. He even likes to lie down while eating — he's just that low-key!

adoptable dog Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

"Make no mistake, though, cuz he's a really good watchdog and will let you know when someone is at the door. He doesn't bark a lot but just gives you a little alert. Also, contrary to his general couch-potato-ness character, he sometimes gets the zoomies. He likes to go on walks and is working on his polite leash manners.

"Zeke is a big people-pleaser and can do lots of tricks to prove it! He can sit, lay down, and roll over! He also knows to go potty outside, so he's house-trained. He's super-smart and ready to learn more. During his time in foster care, Zeke had been living with another dog.

"One thing that makes Zeke extra special is his missing ear - it just adds to his cuteness and makes him look a bit like a seal. He can hear just fine, and it doesn’t bother him one bit. Basically, he's just perfect the way he is!"

adoptable dog Photo: Pima Animal Care Center

When meeting other dogs in the shelter, Zeke was appropriate and tolerant. He has lived with other dogs previously, both before coming to PACC and while in foster. Ask to meet this perfect pooch today!!

He's neutered, weighs approximately 65 lbs, and the shelter staff at PACC think he's about 5 years old. He's been at the shelter since August 12, 2022, and he's sooooo ready to go home now!

If you are interested in adopting this pet, please email pacc.adopt@pima.gov for an adoption application or with any questions you might have. Zeke's in Kennel D110, and his ID# is A785875.

Rebecca West

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