Child’s Hair Turned An Ugly Dark Green Color Because She Stole Her Sister’s Shampoo

Child’s Hair Turned An Ugly Dark Green Color Because She Stole Her Sister’s Shampoo

Oh, the price we have to pay for beauty!

Maintaining beautiful colored hair is hard and can get kind of expensive if you have to constantly have it re-dyed.

One thing that a Redditor’s hairdresser advised is that, by putting a little bit of hair dye in your shampoo, you can help your hair color stick better.

So that’s exactly what they did to their shampoo.

“This was all good until my 12-year-old sister decided to swipe and use my shampoo.”

Uh-oh. You can’t really get rid of hair dye that easily, even if it’s mixed with shampoo, you know?

Moreover, OP’s sister is blonde, and she said that the result isn’t pretty.

With the very obvious consequence of using OP’s shampoo, it isn’t a wonder that somebody’s going to be mad. (But can they really be mad though?)

“My mum is mad at me for putting dye in my shampoo and not telling anyone. This is my shampoo that I bought and I had placed it in the shower that only I use, and my sister took it and used it in another shower.”

The emphasis that OP put that the shampoo was only hers to use makes it obvious who was at fault here. And OP also mentioned that this wasn’t the first time that her sister has taken something of hers, and her mom suspects that OP putting the dye in her shampoo is a way for her to teach the sister a lesson. Which isn’t the case, OP clarified.

“So yeah, the whole family is mad. Should I have told them about me putting hair dye into my shampoo?”

In my opinion, no. If the shampoo was put in a shared bathroom, I’d understand why the family would be mad.

It’s safe to say that OP is NTA here, even if her sister’s hair turned into an ugly dark green because of her shampoo.

A Redditor asked OP if there was any reason why she didn’t inform her family that she put dye in her shampoo, and OP simply answered that she didn’t even think to tell them that stuff because no one’s ever asked before and no one goes in her shower much. But she did add that she’ll be letting them know if she puts dye in her shampoos from now on.

Though honestly, who would announce to their family what goes on in their own shower?

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