Man Calls Police On His Brother Because Of What Happened With His Nephews

Man Calls Police On His Brother Because Of What Happened With His Nephews

What could a sibling ever do to make you call the police on them?

For this Redditor, it’s because of their brother’s bad parenting.

Before you panic, I can assure you that the kids were not harmed in any way in this story.

So we have the OP that wrote about how his brother, a widow with two kids, left his nephews with him even though he has a pretty demanding job.

OP’s brother used to hire babysitters in the past, but he stopped when he got a girlfriend because the girlfriend wanted the kids to warm up to her. OP wrote that she claimed that she wanted the kids to "get used to her as the only woman in their life."

She might mean well, but it’s kind of a red flag to say that kind of thing, right?

Now that OP’s brother stopped getting babysitters, he asks OP to look after the kids whenever he’s busy. OP helps whenever he can, but even when he’s busy himself, his brother doesn’t seem to care and still wants him to look after the kids.

Like OP, I’d probably help my brother when I can, especially if he’s truly busy with something important.

The problem with OP’s brother in this instance is that he left his kids with OP, who had work during this day by the way, just because he was going to lunch with his girlfriend and to meet with the girlfriend’s friends. The brother begged OP to take the day off, but he refused.

Fast forward to the very unfortunate day…

“At 11 a.m., a coworker of mine entered the office, and behind him were my nephews.”

So even though OP and the brother already talked about this and OP refused, the brother still dropped off the innocent kids at OP’s office. I mean, it’s a workplace, and it’s going to be so complicated to handle this surprise babysitting, regardless if it’s a casual workspace or not.

“I felt stuck and terrified my boss would see this and I would get in trouble. I couldn't even take time off because of how busy I was.”

And this is when OP called the police. OP’s brother was forced to come to the office to take his kids back, and he got into trouble with the police, who spent hours talking to him, OP wrote.

OP’s boss eventually found out about what happened, and he was asked to leave work early. Evening comes, and OP’s brother called him screaming, telling OP that he ruined his “meeting” with his girlfriend and her friends and that he even got him in trouble with the police.

“He called me a vile SOB and said that I could've had the kids with me for a couple of hours or even taken them home and taken the rest of the day off,” OP wrote.

Now OP is getting shamed by his brother and his girlfriend for not taking care of the kids.

In my opinion, OP is NTA. He clearly said no to his brother’s request. The brother is clearly in the wrong for just leaving his children in OP’s office without even contacting OP on the day of. Meeting your girlfriend’s friends is not enough reason for you to leave your kids. I fear that it won’t be long until this becomes a pattern, so I think calling the police on the brother might just be the right action to stop this incident from happening again.

Reddit labels OP as NTA. His brother and his girlfriend are major a-holes though.

Other things that Redditors pointed out are that the brother expected OP to adjust his life to accommodate his kids, that the brother didn’t respect OP’s job, and, just like I said earlier, that he asked OP to take a day off just so he could meet with his girlfriend’s friends.

Clearly, OP is not the a-hole.

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