Redditor Never Wants To Even Meet Her Nieces And Nephews Because Of A Heartbreaking Reason

Redditor Never Wants To Even Meet Her Nieces And Nephews Because Of A Heartbreaking Reason

Does being an aunt or uncle give you privileges, does it just give you unwanted responsibilities, or does it give you heartbreak?

The relationship you have with your nieces and/or nephews will almost always be determined by your relationship with their parents, especially if they are still young. But ultimately, you decide what to do and what connection you want to have with anyone.

It can be complicated dealing with a loss and then experiencing a heartbreaking betrayal soon after, but that’s what happened to this Redditor.

“AITA for telling my estranged sister and our parents that she and her kids are not my problem?”

OP shared that they suffered a miscarriage just 10 weeks into her pregnancy and then found out that her husband and her sister were messing around. Of course, OP ended her relationship with her husband and her sister.

“I wanted nothing to do with either of them and even less so when I found out she had gotten pregnant,” OP wrote.

Even though the relationship between OP’s sister and ex-husband was taboo, everyone, including OP’s parents, didn’t seem to mind what happened and hoped that all would end well and the relationships between everyone involved would mend eventually.

OP moved on, refusing contact with her sister and ex, who are now married and have had more children after the cheating incident.

Now OP has found a new family and is happy with her new husband and the rest of his family.

“I adore the nieces and nephews I have gained through my marriage to him, and we spend a lot of time together,” OP wrote.

But OP’s sister reappeared recently, contacting her through her work phone and telling her she needed help. OP rightfully hung up and continued about her day. (As she should.)

Even though OP clearly didn’t want anything to do with her sister, their parents still tried to urge OP to come and help her sister with whatever she needed.

Apparently, the sister suffered almost the same misfortune as OP.

“A few days later, I got another call and was told my sister had been pregnant, the baby passed away inside of her, and she delivered a stillborn all while he was out sleeping with someone else,” OP wrote.

So with the weird thought that this might spark some kind of camaraderie between the sisters, OP’s parents thought that this might be the time to let bygones be bygones. OP wants none of it and refuses to reconcile with the family.

“Whatever about my sister, I know her kids are not to blame for any of this, and I know I treat the nieces and nephews on my husband's side extremely well, but I have never ever wanted to even meet my nieces and nephews,” OP offered as to why she might be the a-hole here.

I, for one, think that OP’s definitely NTA. She was heartbroken and betrayed by her own family member. And the way that they just expect her to forgive and forget when the evidence of the betrayal is in the form of a human being, her own niece/nephew? I don’t think so.

As for the husband, I have nothing to say. They always say that once a cheater, always a cheater. So that’s that.

Redditors are on OP’s side on this one as well. Any logical person would get behind OP in this situation, honestly.

One comment stood out to OP when they said that everyone sucks in the story, saying that OP should have talked with her husband instead of immediately getting a divorce and then promptly blocking everyone out. This comment has been awarded the “Are You Serious? Award” because it definitely deserves it.

OP clapped back by saying, “So I should have worked it out with the husband who left my side as I was miscarrying his child and jumped into our marital bed with my own sister and stayed long enough for me to find him in our bed together?”

What do you think? Check out the original post below.

AITA for telling my estranged sister and our parents that she and her kids are not my problem?
by u/CraftingSunLove in AmItheAsshole

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