Couple Has A Framed DNA Test Of Their Son Hanging In Their Living Room For One Petty Reason

Couple Has A Framed DNA Test Of Their Son Hanging In Their Living Room For One Petty Reason

Is there such a thing as justifiable pettiness?

In my opinion, at least, what this dad did to his son’s DNA test is worthy of applause.

So we have the dad, the OP, telling Reddit about how he and his wife, now married for almost a year, welcomed their baby boy while they were still engaged. And to get this fact out of the way and to give context to his story, OP writes that his wife used to be a sex worker and asks for no judgement, as his wife did what she had to do to survive.

It seems like OP’s parents didn’t like the wife’s history, as OP wrote that his parents were always skeptical about his relationship with her.

Now the real trouble began when the wife got pregnant. The skeptical parents can’t seem to let go of their prejudice and question the couple’s pregnancy. They demanded a DNA test. The DNA test also became the parents' requirement for them to attend OP’s wedding. This caused a huge problem for the family.

In the end, the parents didn’t attend the wedding, but the DNA test was still done because OP’s wife wanted to prove a point, OP wrote. Both parties reconciled after a while with the parents making amends to the couple.

But the story doesn’t really end with a happy ending.

When the parents visited the couple’s house recently, they noticed a framed photo that OP hung in their living room. It was a photo of the DNA test.

When OP was asked about it, he responded that it serves as a reminder of why his parents didn’t attend his wedding. As any parent would have reacted with that kind of answer, they were stunned. The shock quickly turned into anger when OP added that he tells the same thing to any of his guests that ask about the photo.

“Mom and dad were mad and asked me repeatedly to take it down, saying I'm being too harsh on them and refusing to let go of the past, as well as embarrassing them to the other family members,” OP wrote.

OP wasn’t fazed though; he refused to take the framed DNA test down and even replied that it goes well with his house decor.

Now OP’s parents are denying the couple their presence until the framed test gets taken down. OP’s brother is siding with their parents, telling OP that what he did is petty and childish.

OP added that his wife doesn’t mind the picture and that she even laughs about their situation sometimes. Understandably, OP wrote that “she's still carrying some hurt that was caused by what happened. And second of all, no, she no longer does s_x work; it's all in the past.”

I did tell you at the beginning that I see all of this as justifiable pettiness.

Reddit is also siding with OP with their situation, but some are advising him that maybe he should rethink his strategy, as it could affect their child in the future.

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