Woman Announces Pregnancy, But Her Sister Isn’t Happy About The News

Woman Announces Pregnancy, But Her Sister Isn’t Happy About The News

We all have our fair share of frustrations sometimes.

Some feelings can easily be controlled, but then there are times when things just don’t align and we’re left with just pure negativity swirling in our minds.

This is one possible explanation for this Redditor’s (and her husband’s) action towards her sister.

“AITA for calling my sister selfish for announcing her pregnancy at our parents' house?”

Just from the title itself, you’d wonder why she would call her sister selfish. But as I’ve said earlier, feelings are complicated.

The thing about OP is that she and her husband have been struggling with infertility.

Understandably, the couple is sensitive about the topic of pregnancies, and their family knows this.

The incident happened during a family dinner. OP’s sister announced that she and her husband were expecting.

People would normally congratulate the happy expecting couple, and the family did! Well… Everyone except for OP and her husband.

“My husband got up, pushed his chair to the side, and walked out,” OP wrote.

You can imagine the awkward silence after that.

As the family stared at OP, she told her sister that it was her fault for announcing her pregnancy without any consideration for OP’s husband.

I’m all for being cautious of people’s issues, and I try to be as considerate as I can at all times, but it doesn’t mean that I should stop myself from being happy for myself if, like with the sister’s pregnancy, something in my life needs to be celebrated.

So with that said, I can confidently say that OP’s sister is right to say that OP’s husband’s fertility issues weren’t her problem and that they were tired of walking on eggshells around him.

Sure, the issue is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it doesn’t have to hinder another person’s happiness.

And this is where OP told her sister that she was selfish and cruel. OP’s sister responded by saying that OP’s husband ruined the announcement by walking out and making a scene.

After their awkward dinner, OP was asked to apologize to her sister by their parents.

I’m siding with the sister here, but I don’t want to call OP the a-hole either. Their reaction and the way that OP said that her sister is wrong for choosing to announce their pregnancy in their parent’s house wasn’t right, but they had their reasons. The majority of Redditors are labeling OP as the a-hole here though.

Other comments say that OP and her husband are entitled, as they sound like they make everything about themselves and make people feel uncomfortable with their issues.

Again, I understand how devastating it may be for OP and her husband to be unable to have a child, but it doesn’t mean that other people shouldn’t be happy that they can.

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