A Reddit Post Started a Long Thread of Complaints About Various Horrible and Annoying Animals

A Reddit Post Started a Long Thread of Complaints About Various Horrible and Annoying Animals

Humans and animals have been cohabiting on Earth for years. For this reason, both have sufficient knowledge of each other's lifestyles. People already know what animals are suitable for households and who they can live in harmony with. Animals are now categorized into different groups, allowing people to be aware of who is tolerable or not. Because although human activities often disturb animals, some species could also act like total jerks.

Some creatures are known to be invasive and destructive. Authorities require people to report whenever there are sightings of spotted lanternflies, grey squirrels, or European starlings. Most of them damage agriculture, destroy homes, or disturb a habitat. You'll immediately dislike them when you experience their horrible behavior firsthand or witness how they bully other animals.

A Reddit post has given people a chance to rant about those species. Redditors have created a long discussion thread about animals who are absolute menaces. The comment section of Eren374tw's post is filled with various experiences and shocking information about particular animals. Listed below are a few thread answers — which one has already bothered you?


These birds don't directly affect humans, but they have a habit that inconveniences neighboring feathered friends. SuvenPan commented, "Cuckoos, they lay an egg in another bird's nest, and the chick hatches before the others do. Then it starts pushing the other eggs out of the nest." They certainly play dirty at a very young age.

Another Redditor named steez8000 replied to this comment with a gruesome revelation. "The Channel Billed Cuckoo here in Australia eats the eggs in the host nest before sh-ting out its demon offspring into the confused host's nest. The host then goes on to raise a bird three of four times its size, which is exhausting." Now that's why you call a crazy person a cuckoo!

Bed Bugs

Have you ever met someone so annoying that no matter what you do, they won't stop pestering you? If yes, you may have experienced what it's like trying to get rid of bed bugs at home. Valuable_Summer_5743 replied to litteringannnnnnnnnd's comment, "Agreed once you have bed bugs in your house it's extremely difficult to get rid of them. It's entirely possible but it takes a hell of a lot of work over a long period of time and it's extremely frustrating." Bed bugs can definitely turn your bed into the most uncomfortable space in your house. Many Redditors shared their experiences with bed bugs — they even messed up someone's mental health. Yikes!


The beach scenery will only be complete with seagulls, but some people deem them as a term that rhymes with beach. 4.7k people upvoted final_painkiller’s comment, which stated, "seagulls, they took my sandwich." The reply section turned into a therapy session for people victimized by seagulls. Most of the stories implied that the seabirds are notorious thieves and you must watch out whenever they're around.

No food or even spare face masks are safe from seagulls — they're too quick and smart, so you must be one step ahead of them. You can feel the frustration in every comment you'll read below final_painkiller's answer. "Yes. I punched a seagull. I have absolutely no regrets," ask_me_about_my_band wrote.


With all the adorable videos of geese that you can find online, you'll never expect them to be aggressive creatures. However, they can be a big bully, and AzrielTheVampyre earned 2.0k upvotes for answering geese in OP's post. Looks like a lot of humans were victims of their calm demeanor. Geese seem to love chasing people as if making fun of them.

Even when a person doesn't do anything to them, a goose suddenly makes a surprise attack. "Funny story actually, geese are just bluffing, and you have to call their bluff. If a goose starts approaching/chasing you, all you have to do is hold your ground and face it, and it will not attack you. Good luck out there people," 71277127 advised. We're not sure whether this is true or not.


You can never deny how chimpanzees sometimes act like thugs who cause trouble to both animals and humans. "Chimpanzees. Those guys are just buff orangutans on cocaine," randommarxist63 commented. People in the reply section shared how chimpanzees scare and traumatize them. There are also videos on the internet where chimpanzees torment other animals. "Saw a video recently of chimps at a zoo harassing a raccoon that had wandered into the enclosure. Made me sick to my stomach, and now I have an intense dislike of chimps :( " littlenymphy replied. Chimpanzees will even harm one of their own, which makes them a lot more terrifying. Messing with them can physically and mentally scar anyone.

Have you ever had an animal traumatize you? Join the discussion if you find a relatable answer. If not, reply in the comment section with your explanation, and you might feel validated when others start sharing their experience. These animals might be harmful in some sense, but don't threaten them at first sight. If harm hasn't yet been done, leave them alone. Only make a move when the animal starts to harass, destroy, or disturb your place. If a savage creature is in sight, it's best to call the authorities or professionals to handle the situation safely.

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