Reddit Asks, “What’s The Dumbest Thing Your Pet Has Been Afraid Of?”

Reddit Asks, “What’s The Dumbest Thing Your Pet Has Been Afraid Of?”

Having some kind of fear isn’t something you should be ashamed of. It’s natural, really.

In fact, a person can only be truly fearless if they have a damaged amygdala.

To quote the book Almond by Sohn Won-pyung,

“Everybody has two almonds inside their head, stuck firmly on somewhere between the back of your ears and the back of your skull, In fact, they’re called 'amygdalae,' derived from the Latin word for almond because their size and shape are exactly like one. When you get stimulated by something outside your body, these almonds send signals into your brain. Depending on the type of stimulation, you’ll feel fear or anger, joy or sorrow.”

(I may or may not have been constantly listening to Amygdala lately. If you know the song, I love you already.)

The amygdala is present in all mammals. Most pets are mammals, hence, pets also have fears.

So Reddit asks, “What’s the dumbest thing your pet has been afraid of?”

Vacuums and nail clippers are common pet fears, of course. At this point, pets you can easily groom and those that don’t react wildly whenever you’re using the vacuum are treated as special. (That’s actually a trick statement. All pets are special. 🥺)

Now on to the top answers!

A garbage bag on the side of the road. To calm his dog down, he had to pat the bag so they could walk past it. It’s a weird solution to a weird fear. But if it works, it works!

Maybe they see the bag as a threat, all dressed in black and standing still? Another Redditor’s dog has this fear as well, but their dog’s garbage bag enemy was half full and was moving with the breeze so maybe the sound of the crinkling plastic may have spooked the doggo?

Farts. Have you ever seen that video of a dog that farted so loud, he woke himself up? Have you ever thought that maybe that’s the dog’s sleep paralysis demon taking on a gassy form? Probably not, but Redditors did share that they knew some dogs that were scared of their own farts, and some even run away after they rip one (running away from the scene of the crime.)

For our feline friends, multiple Redditors share that their cats are afraid of ceiling fans. Some are afraid whether the ceiling fan is off or on, others are only afraid if it is on. I’m pretty sure no cat would be able to reach a ceiling fan, magnificent jumpers though they are, so I’m just left wondering why they’re afraid of it. But the question was the dumbest thing pets are afraid of, so I guess I’ll take it.

The last answer I’m going to share is also an occasional fear of my dog. That Netflix sound. Du-dum!

You know when you’re kind of sleepy and your heartbeat’s kinda slow, then you decide to watch a show on Netflix but you forgot to adjust the volume? Instant mini heart attack. Only, I wasn’t the only victim when this happened to me. My dog was sleeping on the couch with me, and then that cursed sound boomed out of the speakers, and we both jumped. Say ‘aye’ if you’ve ever experienced this as well!

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What’s the dumbest thing your pet has been afraid of?
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