Baby Elephant Gets Carrots From A Visitor

Baby Elephant Gets Carrots From A Visitor

Baby animals are adorable. While looking at them is very sweet, it's even more fun if you get to pet them or feed them.

Recently, I went to a petting zoo with my godson, and it was great being surrounded by so many adorable animals that we got to interact with.

Goats and sheep just aren't as exciting as baby elephants. Imagine getting to pet a baby elephant or feed one.

Well, one lucky person visiting a nature center got to do just that - all while capturing the adorable footage on camera.

The baby elephant is quite the little carrot fiend too, just goes through them one after another like some sort of carrot hoover.

The baby elephant's trunk works like hands as he goes through the carrots, and he grabs onto them almost like a set of hands.

It's quite adorable!

Check out the video down below:

What do you think of the little baby elephant? Have you ever gotten to feed a baby elephant before? Let us know!

Anastasia Arellano

Anastasia is an American ex-pat living in Ireland. When she's not writing she can be found wandering the Irish countryside in search of inspiration. You can follow her writing adventures on Twitter @AnastasiaArell5 or Instagram @writeranastasia26

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