7-Month-Old Baby Hears Mom And Dad For The Very First Time

7-Month-Old Baby Hears Mom And Dad For The Very First Time

Being the parent of a child with medical needs is emotionally and financially trying. We want the best for our babies and seeing them struggle or have to undergo procedures of any kind can be tough.

When April Rabold gave birth to twin girls back in September of 2022, she immediately realized somethign wasn't quite right with one of her daughters.

Billie Kate weighed just 4lbs 7oz at birth and was diagnosed with severe hearing loss.

April shared on TikTok that at just 7 months old, Billie underwent surgery at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh for tubes for her ears, but prior to that, she couldn't hear.

@rabolda44 April 7th they did surgey to put tubes in and gave us the diagnosis of sever hearing loss. Billie did great. She could care less, she just wanted her food after! 😂 ##infanthearingloss##infanthearinglossawareness ♬ Thank You for Being You - OctaSounds

At long last, the day came for Billie to try on her hearing aids and the results are heartwarming.

April posted a video of Billie hearing her mom and dad for the first time on TikTok and it received more than 15 million views!

In the video, you can see April placing the hearing aid in Billie's ear.

The baby is crying, but as soon as she starts hearing her parents talking, her demeanor completely changes.

"Billie Kate hearing for the first time," the post is captioned.

Check out the touching video below:

@rabolda44 Billie Kate hearing for the first time #babyhearingaids #hearingforthefirsttime #childrenshospitalofpittsburgh #momsofkidswithhearingloss ♬ original sound - April Rabold

In a previous post, April said, "our family of five is all learning sign language!"

"It's a battle to keep the hearing aids on but she has so much more life in her!" she added in a follow-up post.

She explained that they knew "from the day she was born that she had hearing loss" and they finally got her hearing aids when she was 7 months old.

@rabolda44 #twinlife #3under3 #threeunderthree ♬ original sound - April Rabold

It's sweet that baby Billie has the chance to hear and is surrounded by such a supportive family and so much love.

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