Barbie' Movie Date Night Helps Raise More Than $5,000 For Breast Cancer Research

Barbie' Movie Date Night Helps Raise More Than $5,000 For Breast Cancer Research

The Barbie movie is all the rage lately, and rightly so. It boasts big-name actors including Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Greta Gerwig, Will Ferrell, and Michael Cera, among others.

Many people heading to the movies are dressing in pink to represent Barbie. That doll has made a lasting impact on many individuals. In fact, one woman even admitted that Barbie influenced her breast reconstruction.

But as you know, pink can also be worn to represent breast cancer awareness, and one family is combining the two ideas!

According to Inside Edition, Robert Foster surprised his wife, Diane, with a sweet evening to see the Barbie movie alongside 25 of their friends.

Their daughter, who goes on TikTok by @midwest_princess_, suggested the idea to her dad. He decided to add to it by telling Diane and her friends that they were going to see the other popular movie that's out: Oppenheimer. Then, when everyone arrived, they would reveal the real plan to see Barbie.

Because so many people were involved, Robert decided to rent out a small theater for the viewing.

Of course, Robert was afraid that Diane and the other wives would be suspicious if everyone dressed in pink to see Oppenheimer.

So, to help keep the surprise, he told everyone that the event was a fundraiser for breast cancer research.

The daughter shared a video of the moment her mom realized what the surprise was, and it's so cute!

While the Barbie viewing wasn't initially going to be a fundraising event, the family ended up raising some $5,000 for the for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

@midwest_princess_ THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED REACH OUT GOAL OF $5,000!! #barbiegirl #barbie #barbiemovie2023 #breastcancerawareness💕 #fundraiser #movienight #supriseparty #lolsurprisemoviemagic #greenscreen ♬ What Was I Made For? - Billie Eilish

Pretty amazing, right?

Check out the video below:

Progress on breast cancer research is being made each year. In fact, a groundbreaking breast cancer vaccine is in the works that could be help eradicate the disease!

You Can Support Breast Cancer Research & Care Every Day! Click to Give Here - It's FREE! When you click, GreaterGood funds groundbreaking cancer research.

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