Rescue Puppy With Rare Birth Defect Defies Odds And Lives To Adulthood

Rescue Puppy With Rare Birth Defect Defies Odds And Lives To Adulthood

An adorable rescue puppy named Bin has defied the odds and lived to adulthood. And he seems to be thriving!

Bin has been living at the Saved Souls Foundation in Kok Ngam, Thailand, since he was born.

The foundation introduced Bin on Instagram, saying:

"Meet Bin. An extraordinary puppy born with a unique disability. We like to think that he has a superpower, like Daredevil or Spiderman. People even like to joke that he stole Naruto running moves! He is an happy and resilient little boy. When a dog is this happy, we should also be happy for him and try to match his witty sense of humor!"

They added that Bin isn't the only disabled dog living at the foundation. They said, "He is one of 60 disabled dogs that our staff and volunteers help every day."

The foundation describes Bin's disability as a birth defect in which his "front legs are reversed a little bit like a penguin."

They wrote, "None of us at the foundation had ever seen a dog like him before. He has been with us since birth. He is loved by everyone!"

They shared on Facebook that he had to undergo surgery to remove two of his legs due to his birth defects. But he's not letting that slow him down!

While the foundation is taking good care of sweet Bin, his life doesn't come without challenges. Because he scoots around on his stomach, he's prone to abrasions and sores.

To help combat this, the foundation offers Bin a sandy floor to move around on so it's softer for him.

Bin is a prime example of what persistence and good spirits can lead to! He may be disabled, but he's living his best life thanks to rescuers at the foundation and his positive outlook on life.

Malorie Thompson

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