Blind Stray Kitten Cries Out For Help, Hoping That Someone Would Save Her

Blind Stray Kitten Cries Out For Help, Hoping That Someone Would Save Her

The sound of a kitten crying can melt even the coldest of hearts, but it may not move them to action. This was seen recently outside of an old apartment building in Bulgaria when a sick, blind kitten was crying for help.

This kitten was not only crying, she was desperate, but everyone who heard and saw her would walk by and not stop to give a helping hand. That is where Stoyan and Dessy came in. They just couldn't help but save this little kitten.

Fortunately for the little animal, the couple loved cats and they wanted to help the stray. They look throughout the neighborhood for cats that need a helping hand and they hope that one day they will open their own shelter.

After finding the terrified kitten, they knew that they had to do something. They were shocked that nobody else would stop to help. It was just a helpless little creature and it was starving with a distended belly.

Due to a bad eye infection, the kitten's eyes were shut completely so she was struggling and blind.

Dessie heard the cat crying and crying so she scooped her up and brought her to the vet.

The kitten was relieved that someone was willing to help her but she was too exhausted to show it. After being picked up, the kitten fell asleep and stayed asleep until they got to the veterinarian.

Dessie and Stoyan looked after the kitten and made sure that she got the medical attention she needed. This included getting her shots. The kitten's eyes were cleaned and the eye infection was treated. Now they are partially open and she can see the world around her.

Now the little kitten is staying with Dessie and Stoyan and they are keeping her safe and comfortable. What started out as a very stressful situation now turned out for the good.

Under their loving care, she is getting stronger and healthier every day. It's amazing what a little bit of human kindness can do.

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