Bonded Tortie Ladies in Need of a Together Forever Home Would Like to Meet You

Bonded Tortie Ladies in Need of a Together Forever Home Would Like to Meet You


A bonded pair of tortoiseshell kitties in southern Arizona are searching for a together forever home so they can stay in each other's lives after everything they've been through so far — including motherhood. Meet Blair (1 year) and Willow (2 years). This is what the Southern Arizona Cat Rescue, which is in charge of their welfare until a permanent home can be found, had to say about these unusual ladies:

Sisters? Mama and Daughter? Best Friends? Whatever their story may be, these girls are inseparable. They helped each other raise their babies together and would love to now find their forever home together, too!

Their Foster mom says, "There have never been two cats more in need of each other. They shared their motherly duties with the feeding, cleaning, and loving between all 10 babies while curled up next to each other. Both are truly the sweetest and most loving cats… and have been the BEST mothers.

"They are always ready for scratches or to be brushed or carried around like a baby. They purr uncontrollably and give nothing but love — except to dogs…there is no love there. These long-haired beauties are everything you want in a cat: playful, cuddly, people pleasers...they will bring a lot of love and joy to any lucky family!"

While there's not much more information on them, like how they ended up there or what kind of lives they lived before ending up at the rescue for placement. What we do know is that both Blair and Willow are spayed, current on their vaccines, dewormed, microchipped, and tested negative for FIV/FeLV. They are also house-trained and have no special needs.

Now that their kittens are old enough and finding homes of their own, it's their turn. Willow is the kitty with the orangish-tan strip of fur running down the center of her face leading all the way to her nose, giving her an odd almost owlish look about her. Their unique coats and unusual markings, as well as their deep gold eyes similar to that of the chatoyant gemstone Tiger's Eye, make them quite the pair to draw to.

If these wonderful, sweet, fluffy girls could be the purrfect addition to your family, please fill out an adoption application on SACatRescue's website.

Additionally, if you have any questions you need answered before proceeding, you can contact them at (520) 200-1643 or email them at

Even if you're not interested for yourself, please share these ladies with family and friends to help up the odds of them finding their forever home that much sooner. It just takes a simple click to make that happen.

Rebecca West

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