Hilarious "Broken" Cat Confuses Everyone by Chirping at the Ceiling

Hilarious "Broken" Cat Confuses Everyone by Chirping at the Ceiling

"Cats lack the facial expressiveness of dogs, they’re generally quieter and their behaviors can be harder to interpret—but this doesn’t mean that the feline mystique is impenetrable. You can better understand your furry friend by paying attention to their vocalizations, body postures and daily routines. In time, you may become so attuned to your kitty’s personality and habits that you’re able to detect subtle changes in their mood and even recognize health problems before physical signs of illness appear," according to the website of the Humane Society of the United States.

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Yes, cats communicate not only by meows but with a range of other vocal sounds. These include purring, yowling or howling, growling, hissing, chattering, and chirping. And there are ways you can tell what these vocalizations mean as further elucidated by Humane Society.

  • Meowing. This vocalization serves all purposes: greeting, announcement, command, and objection.
  • Purring. The sound of happiness and contentment. But there are times when a cat may purr when it's anxious or sick in order to comfort itself, just like thumb-sucking for kids.
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  • Chirps and trills. This is how a mother cat instructs her kittens to follow her. When a cat chirps and trills at you, it wants you to follow it. If your home has more than one cat, you may observe that they vocalize this way when they converse.
  • Chattering, chittering, or twittering. These are sounds of excitement, often expressed by a cat when it sees a bird or squirrel from the window. It may also mean it wants to go hunting upon seeing prey.
  • Growling, hissing, or spitting. Don't approach a cat who does this since it's a sign of aggression, annoyance, or fear.
  • Yowl or howl. The sound of distress or sign of a cat in pain. You should look for your cat if you hear this kind of vocalization. But you should also know that this sound is part of a cat's mating behavior if it has not been sterilized. Meanwhile, senior cats tend to howl due to a cognitive disorder like dementia.
 width= Photo: Reddit/u/Blaire2793

Chattering and chirping are what this cat is doing in this viral post on Reddit's r/aww forum.

The cat's name is Warrior, and it was the first time that its owner's mom has seen him behave this way while looking at the ceiling. She was laughing so hard at the amusing scene that tears came out of her eyes. Then she tried to find out the reason why Warrior has been chattering and chirping at the ceiling.

Now, this mom must have a broader knowledge of cats and how they communicate excitement, desire to hunt, and other emotions. And yet, cats are such mysterious creatures. Some are loquacious, some are silent. And others are more expressive through body language.

Trust your cat to keep on surprising you!


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