Can You Find This Cat Hiding In Plain Sight?

Can You Find This Cat Hiding In Plain Sight?

If you know anything about cats, you realize that they can disappear for hours and sometimes, even days on end.

That is the case in many homes, where cats only come out when they want to come out, and typically, it is to get some personalized attention.

Of course, we realize that not cats follow that path and in some cases, as soon as you sit down, the feline is going to be up in your lap and expecting a lot of TLC.

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For a moment, however, we are going to talk about cats that enjoy hiding and in particular, one that is hiding at a hardware store.

When you look at the picture, you can't help but notice that there are a lot of chainsaws on the shelf. What you don't notice, however, is that there is also a cat hiding among the chainsaws as well.

It was part of a marketing promotion that was put on by East Bay Hardware in Charleston South Carolina. When they posted the picture on Twitter, they wanted people to know that they had plenty of gas and battery-operated products and accessories.

They also wanted people to know about Emma, who was hiding in the picture somewhere. It was up to the people who saw the post to find Emma but unfortunately, many fell short of the mark.

People on Twitter went crazy over the picture, with tens of thousands of people liking it and some people claiming that there wasn't a cat in the picture at all.

As it turns out, Emma and Max are permanent employees at the hardware store. Their human mother, who owns the store, will often find them hiding among the various products that are offered on the shelves.

SPOILER ALERT: if you are having a difficult time finding Emma, we are about to give away her location. Read on to find out but just remember, once you see Emma, you can't un-see her.

If you want to find Emma, look on the bottom shelf on the far right side. She is hiding behind the chainsaw on the right. You can see her just through the handle of the pressure washer that is in the foreground.

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