Mama Chicken's Lesson of the Day: This is How Chicks Should Drink Water with Finesse

Mama Chicken's Lesson of the Day: This is How Chicks Should Drink Water with Finesse

Did you know that chickens like beautiful humans more?

In a study published on PubMed, researchers found that these birds are more attracted to symmetry. According to the team, "We trained chickens to react to an average human female face but not to an average male face (or vice versa). In a subsequent test, the animals showed preferences for faces consistent with human sexual preferences (obtained from university students)."

 width= Photo: Tiktok/spicy_chimkens

Another fascinating fact about chickens is that hens need 'light' in order to lay eggs, not roosters.

"Chickens don't need to mate with a rooster in order to lay eggs, just for those eggs to produce chicks. Hens can lay about one egg every 24 hours or so," according to National Geographic. And that's because hens are photo-stimulated, as explained by Claudia Dunkley, a poultry scientist at the University of Georgia.

Now, you'll also feel just as fascinated and amused by this family of chickens. In this viral video of a hen and her adorable chicks, you can see her teaching them the day's Lesson No. 2 -- how to drink water with finesse.

Piplup the hen shows her chicks just how to do it, but she also checks on them to see if they are watching her moves carefully. But the young ones seem to be more curious to find out what their mom has been drinking.

They stomp their little feet on it. It's wet! It's unlike Lesson No. 1, when their mom taught them how to eat dry food while stomping their little feet on it.

"Hey, mom, this one seems better to be used as a foot spa!" The chicks chirp with glee over their discovery.

But hey, these chicks are better with Lesson No. 3!

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