Coast Guard Swimmer Saves Man Moments After Boat Capsizes From Massive Wave

Coast Guard Swimmer Saves Man Moments After Boat Capsizes From Massive Wave

An impressive video is going viral that shows a rescue swimmer saving a boater just moments before his boat capsizes off the Pacific Coast.

The U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Northwest posted about the rescue on Twitter. They said, "Talk about arriving in the nick of time! While conducting a training mission at the mouth of the Columbia River, 2 Coast Guard air crews received a #MAYDAY broadcast..."

They continued, saying: "...the air crews arrived on scene to find the vessel floundering in the surf! The surf made rescue by boat dangerous, so the aircrew decided to lower the rescue swimmer and have the owner enter the water for rescue…"

It seems they made the right call because just as the boater was entering the water, a massive wave crashed overhead and capsized the boat entirely. The U.S. Coast Guard shared a video of the incident on Twitter and it looks bleak, but they were pleased to share that the rescue swimmer was able to recover the boater in the end.

According to FOX NEWS, the individual who was rescued was later identified as a fugitive from Canada, 35-year-old Jericho Labonte who stole the boat that was capsized. He's also wanted in Oregon for crimes related to the famous Goonies House.

According to the Victorian Police in Canada, Labonte was detained by U.S. police and is currently in custody.

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