Abandoned Elderly Dog On The Streets Finally Gets The Help He Needs

Abandoned Elderly Dog On The Streets Finally Gets The Help He Needs

When you go out for a drive, you don't typically expect to see anything unusual. There are times, however, when a simple drive may be life-changing.

That occurred when a driver spotted something in the middle of the road. The object was a dog, but he was in such bad shape that they could hardly recognize him.

Fortunately, DAR Animal Rescue was there to help. Even though it was after midnight, they went out to get Big Ben and help him with all of his problems.

They shared on YouTube that they knew that Big Ben had been abandoned, and they recognized he was elderly. They also knew he was suffering, but they couldn't figure out the problem exactly.

They quickly went into action to get him to a veterinary clinic. They had to put a muzzle on the dog to do so, but the vet was kind enough to open her clinic late at night.

After being examined, the veteran informed the rescuers that Big Ben had many diseases. He had arthritis, a weak heart, and several conditions, such as anaplasia and leishmaniasis.

What was most surprising was how old Big Ben was. They discovered that he was about 18 years old, and it's a shame that somebody would have just dropped him off and left him to fend for himself.

Big Ben was now safe at a veterinary clinic. It took some time, but with a little TLC, he began to improve over the next week or so. He was then taken to a shelter where he could get medication and additional care.

Big Ben will not be given out for adoption because of his age. He will remain in the shelter with DAR Animal Rescue, and they will do what they can to provide him with a comfortable life for as long as he lives.

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