Disabled Chicken Learns To Walk Using Boots

Disabled Chicken Learns To Walk Using Boots

When most of us think about rescued animals, our thoughts automatically turn to dogs and cats. Although they are typically the animals that are rescued, there are many others that need assistance as well.

This includes chickens, who sometimes have problems or are abused and neglected. They sometimes need a helping hand, and there are kind individuals who are willing to give it.

If you've never been around chickens before, they often don't get the credit they deserve. Chickens are amazing animals and when they are cared for properly, their personality is able to shine through.

One person who knows this well is Meesh. According to The Dodo, she was asked to take in a tiny chicken who had been rescued but was having a problem with his legs.

Meesh named the little chicken Nubs and she noticed right away that he wasn't moving around and enjoying his new home like the other chickens. She thought it might be because he was suffering from pain.

The little chicken needed help, but what can you do for a rooster with leg pain? You give him a special pair of boots!

Meesh remembered she had some old dog shoes and wondered if they would help Nubs to walk comfortably. She decided it was worth a shot, so Nubs tried them on.

It took about a week for Nubs to get used to his new shoes but they were a huge help. He now walks around the farm and they helped so much, he now has 30 pairs of shoes!

In an interview with The Dodo, Meesh talks about Nubs' personality.

She also said that he has a lot more attitude and confidence now that he has his new boots. She considers it to be a good thing because Nubs is curious.

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Congratulations, Nubs! We are happy you have your new boots.

You can keep up with Nubs and his family on TikTok, @calliopenubz.

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