Golden Retriever Alerts Pregnant Owner To Dangerous Infection

Golden Retriever Alerts Pregnant Owner To Dangerous Infection

A pregnant mama in Missouri is crediting her beloved dog with possibly saving the life of her unborn child.

30-year-old Brittany Welsh was 8 months pregnant when her golden retriever, Charlie, began acting strangely.

As she shared in a now-viral TikTok video, the dog wouldn't stop nudging her belly and bopping her legs with his nose.

It reportedly was because of his insistent nuzzling that she ended up going to the doctor to get checked out and that's when the they discovered she was suffering from a terrible UTI that put her pregnancy at risk!

Thankfully, it was caught in time and Welsh was able to receive treatment and carry on with her pregnancy.

She wrote in the video: "That one time i was 8 months pregnant and my dog was trying to tell me something was wrong and I didn't realize it."

She went on to say, "Turns out i had a severe uti that was sending me into early labor...luckily i went in to be monitored and was given a bunch of medicines and it stopped everything and was sent home several hours later."

"I seriously dont deserve him..," she added in the caption.

Check out the clip below:

@mamabwelsh I seriously dont deserve him.. 💙 #fyp #goldenretriever ♬ original sound - Brittany Welsh

We really don't deserve dogs.

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