Dog Owner Issues Warning After Her Pup Consumed Opioid-Tainted Feces In The Park

Dog Owner Issues Warning After Her Pup Consumed Opioid-Tainted Feces In The Park

A dog owner in San Francisco is sounding the alarm bells after her dog fell ill from opioid-tainted feces.

According to ABC 7 News, Jackie Shepard was walking and playing with her one-year-old mutt, Pockets, at Fort Mason in San Francisco when she noticed her pup chowing down on something in the grass: poop.

Shepard reportedly didn't think much of the incident. After all, dogs tend to eat whatever they find, including feces, and they're generally fine.

However, she grew alarmed when Pockets' health suddenly took a turn for the worse. Several hours after the dog ate the poop, Shepard noticed she started wobbling and wasn't standing right. Shepard knew something was seriously wrong and rushed her dog to the emergency veterinarian.

As shared by ABC 7 News, Pockets ended up testing positive for opioids. Shepard believes she ingested it in the feces.

While Pockets ended up being just fine, Shepard was surprised to learn that it's not uncommon in her area for dogs to ingest second-hand drugs.

She said, "Essentially, the doctor on that night told me this was relatively common, and she sees it a few times a week."

It's a good reminder to always be careful about where you take your dogs and what you let them eat.

Malorie Thompson

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